The Refined 1

We never said we knew it all or had it perfect but yes we are perfect! We fell oh yes (too many times) but still we rose,this Is the joy , that we didn’t stay on our back but got back on our feet (after too many attempts).

He took us from nothing ,loved us ,gave us his all when we didn’t even know him at all( he was a total stranger, though he knew us from inception),like a lover creepth on the one he loves,he did to us hoping we would see his love but still we didn’t care. I can’t phantom the pain he must have felt,when we spat straight into his face and said we didn’t need him(oh we lied!) ,but like a lover he would check us from the window, his heart racing fast ,I hope he/she knows I’m here…”his thought”.

Alas! We realised he was there all the while ,but too ashamed after being jilted by the one we thought cared, but how amazing ; his  smile, I never stopped loving you “he said “.

Took us in , made us new, we realised who we are,THE REFINED just like we were never in dirt.

Like I said, we never said we knew it all or had it perfect but yet he made us perfect. 

REFINED in his love.
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Inner Circle….

Some refer to them as friends,friends here means they know what friendship means and entails, some would refer to them as covenant relationships,this is because they have a part in their vision or future, as you will have it called. I like to call them my inner circle, this because they are next to my biological family,and by no means a coincidence in my life,they are there for a purpose and of course they are my friends ;).

From the above you will see that the name you give them doesn’t really matter as long as you understand this set of people I’m talking about,they are far from being acquaintances, gist pals or party buddies,they are your real niggas…lol (for lack of a better word) these set of people ,I will say again are not found in your life by coincidence,you let them in, and this  is probably because they have helped you or still helping you or you got inspired by some of them and have decided to keep them.

Here is my thought,Anyone that doesn’t add value or doesn’t see you valuable shouldn’t be in your inner circle….please think on this,you could have a counter thought. There is no need forcing anyone to see you valuable and there is no reason having people without value in your circle. If they  don’t believe in you and give you all the support required they shouldn’t be in your circle either.

I’m concerned on the support part,this is because whether you like it or not,they have a degree of influence in your life. I mean ,it your circle,these set of people have influence over you one way or another and you need just the right people influencing you… really do. If they do not show you a form of support which you of course expect ,you will probably feel a little down or in some cases insecure. It is great deal to support those in your circle,support their dreams,tell them what you think they are doing that is good and what they are doing that isn’t good enough or at all,give advice if needed,Do not take them away from their call, and be careful the words you say to them,they take it highly important….yes they do..this is because it is coming from you, you never know how important you are until one of you begins to tell how great a help you have been,those little words or push you gave.

Support their BUSINESSES, SHOWS,EVENTS,CAREER. Buy their goods first, if any of them bakes patronize them when you need to get a cake or whatever pastry,if any one sews or makes bag,have their collection in your closet,if any one them runs a show be sure to attend even if it is one,seeing you boost their confidence. Whatever capacity support your inner circle, help them grow,let love in, don’t get jealous,you all have different roles to play  in the circle. Another great support you will be giving those in your circle is calling them to order , we all need this once in a while ,when one of you isn’t acting as expected it is your sole duty to talk some sense into such person,it will hurt at first but it will go a long way,not only should sweet words be shared among you guys,corrective measures should be engaged also.

The best you should do is pray for your inner circle,God could show you  something they could be blind to,Gain their trust.

PS: if you do not have the  above set of people in your life,work on your self and have you one or two,quantity doesn’t matter quality does,they are needed.Happy new month!!!

love you all plenty! kisses

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2015 #wrapup


2015 was eventful, I must say.. mehn it was,especially November to December,and God has been faithful…I love him 😀

This platform was birthed year 2015 and has been growing,I just want to say this wouldn’t have been possible without you awesome people,we haven’t given our best but you have stood by us and honestly that has been encouraging, 2015 opened a lot that will be happening in 2016 and I must say I am grateful and trusting that all and more will be achieved.

just to drop: 2015 probably didn’t do it right with you,trust me with aligned smart goals 2016 can only be better,please make smart ones,it could be just one, but should be one that will be fulfilling when you look back, just as 2016 will be wrapping up…wrap up keh when it has just started,I will say the end of a thing should be known even before the beginning,so that achievement can be made.

I wish a you a best year ever,HAPPY NEW YEAR. God bless you ! love you guys ..muah!

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Living for the moment

Holla holla, super been a while 😦 ,I’m really sorry for the late post,mehn… a lot has been happening,trust you guys have been doing great,I trust sha :D,sure people ;),so today I will be talking about something that had been on my mind which is the issue of LIVING FOR THE MOMENT and I have had cause to share with a few friends,so I thought to share here,I term it a controversial issue,this is because not every one will buy this view but it’s no problem 😉 ,that why its my thought :p.

So basically, I think this is fast eating into the head,heart,mind,body,soul of a lot of people,majorly we the young and vibrant youth *sigh. I know you want a good life and want to be updated and all,just so you know,I would be disappointed if you are not but I wonder why we live for the moment and not move on,really I wonder ,why? there is one thing I have come to notice,while some people stay glued to the moment, the smart ones move on to create another life for the ones that love the moment to live again,and this life again will be embraced and glued to,which I consider a sad event.

The world is a global village as mostly quoted,this means a lot is happening and so if you allow just one thing tie you down,you become a slave to it,life is too short to be tied down.Most people live for the moment ,they are all fixed on the what’s trending and are so carried away with it forgetting there is a future,there are a lot of things to live for than the moment,do not be carried away by mere trends,be a part of it and move on,do not stay glued to it,like it’s a major.When you live for the future or should I say when you live with the future in mind,you grow!,this is because you are interested in something new,it’s only those that are lazy and fearful that live for the moment.

Looking back I remember those Music,Movies,Shows,Phones,Clothes and all the orisirisi(varieties) that existed and are so retarded now, a lot of people have killed to get them,done silly things to own them,lost relationships just because they wanted to be champs for that moment,moment that fade, when there is a future staring right at you!

Flow with what’s trending,be updated but don’t stay glued or get stuck and overwhelmed,forgetting there is a future,there is surely something that will be better than what you think is the “Life” .There is more to life,Explore…Lurr y’all :*.




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Hey guys,

Today’s article is a little different from the usual ,I’m sure it will be one you will enjoy,it relates to the Nigerian economy, an economic enthusiast decided to put this together as his view on the matter,please do enjoy.

There has been pressures from the western free markets on Nigeria to devalue her currency for the third time this year, which we know it is for their personal gain. Recently J.P. Morgan delists Nigeria from its Emerging markets government bond index (GBI-EM) and I consider this a cheap and outright blackmail. Drop in oil prices have left Nigeria – an oil-based and undervisified economy in economic crisis. The crisis brought about by the exchange rate fluctuations eventually led to the devaluation of the Naira and this has affected the demand and supply sides of the economy. There has been a high demand for foreign exchange in the last five years as a result of different factors and this increased foreign exchange demand in the face of unstable supply which leads to volatility in the exchange rate. This has been the argument of those (J.P. Morgan, The Economist, Bloomberg and other agents of the western free market) calling for further devaluation of Naira.


The attacks from these agents are to just sink Naira so that their pay masters can move in to pick up Nigeria’s assets for a meagre and this is just a conspiracy against Nigeria. Though, monetary options available are becoming fewer but still Nigerians need to know that further devaluation of Naira will only increase inflation to a double-digit instead of the current 9.2% as speculated by analysts. Also, interest rate in banks will rise, which will further shrink GDP and ultimately increase unemployment. Analysts believe that had CBN bow to the pressure from the western agents whose primary objective is the safety of their portfolio investment regardless of what happens to the economic stability of Nigeria, the corresponding tension that would have normally followed the erosion of Naira value would have ultimately affected the safety of the investments of fund managers which J.P. Morgan is protecting. Also, devaluation of Naira will hamper the CBN in carrying out its primary responsibility of enunciating policies that would reverse the decline in the country’s GDP, create jobs and keep inflation low (macroeconomic policy objectives).

Although, analysts calculated that the exclusion of Nigeria from GBI-EM will force investors to sell their Nigerian bonds in order to balance their bond portfolios and this will result in noticeable capital outflows amounting to about $2.5billion out of the current $32billion in the reserves, thereby depreciating our reserves to about $28billion. No cause for alarm, all we need do is to strengthen the local economy so that there can be growth. Some analysts suggested that government should drop MPR (monetary policy rates) and CSR (cash reserve ratio) so that liquidity will flow into the economy. Lending to local production should be increased and finally, careful planning to stimulate the local economy is needed.

Tolulope Raphael Ogunjuyigbe.

Graduate of Economics department, Obafemi Awolowo University.







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New Nigeria

Hey guys,

It’s independence day today in Nigeria and she is 55.She has grown so far and is still growing,just like every other living thing, she has gone through some hard times but in all, she is pulling through, growing and learning.

Nigeria @ 55, A new era has ensued,a new birth,redemption has begun! Happy New Nigeria,55(five,five) symbolizes double grace,this is why I said happy new Nigeria,this is because Nigeria will operate in double grace,believe it or not,it’s only those that believe that will enjoy the double graced Nigeria.

I have always seen a New Nigeria and won’t stop seeing a New Nigeria until I have a  New Nigeria,I see #heavylove. Nigeria, a city of righteousness ,the Isaiah 60 Nigeria, God bless Nigeria! share a dose of heavy love,every where you go,we need it to be one.Nigeria…..A country Extraordinaire.


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To you!

Hello guys,

It’s been a while I must say, but of course I have no excuse and I’m thrilled to be here again,weekend is around the corner,do enjoy and be safe. This is going to be a little different,please enjoy.

A girl,lady or woman or whatever way you want to address her is no joke an interesting being and there is a lot to her. Women are no doubt difficult to please just as it has been painted,but we are awesome like that :p ,there is a lot to being a lady and one of it has to do with relationship, please treat her special because she is :D.

Dear lady,this is to you,no matter how strong you put up that defense wall, you will love someday and this could either make you stronger or worse,so love right.To start with you are a lady of worth and inestimable value and any guy that misses you just missed the best part of his journey,so if you are going through a heart-break,heads up baby! it’s not worth it,gather up and be a better you! Just to be clear I’m not some relationship expert but let me give a little of what I know :D.

There is always this one guy that does what other guys will not do or has what other guys do not have and he is just perfect and around him feels heavenly *sigh, As much as this guy exist there is a need to check YOU,yes  you! we make lots of mistakes trying to please people (in this case the guy) at the expense of our own decisions, just because we want them to stay and in the eventual, you find out this was not even worth it,if by trying to please someone else you displease yourself or whatever you stand for, please do check you, people always and will always have needs and you can’t give them all,so you notice the more you please ,the more they need and you will get to the point of saturation,where you can’t add to give,if there is a guy like this in your life,watch your back, such guys count you as incapable and he gives no regard for your extra effort,the truth is he doesn’t even know you are doing that much to please him,another alarming problem is you reduce your worth, yes you go that far just to please him,whoever loves you will help increase you not reduce you,so my thought is just be you,improve you and be better than your last you,in this process you will attract somebody awesome just what you dreamed of, you  should enjoy your relationship and not endure,life is too short to be living another person’s dream,live your dream,be with that one that deserve you and will help you grow, you are of inestimable value and you deserve to be treated as such,God doesn’t think any less of you,he love you and wants you to be with the best,he can’t choose for you but can lead you if you will let him, and be assured of the best. Do not forget to confess what you want for you,have an awesome you.


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